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It is our primary belief that to help our customers stay ahead we must continue to offer innovative products bundled with expert service. Our quest for innovation takes us to conferences, exhibitions, seminars, technology summits where we discover, absorb and build competencies to serve our customers better.

We are working with partners to usher in Artificial Intelligence, Block chain and Big Data Analytics to give our focus segment the tools and services required to increase revenue and productivity, while lowering risks and network threats.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary innovation that is going to create niche products and services that will make our lives better and safer. IoT is going to shape the future in many ways and we at Simpra are excited about it.

AltroSmart is an IoT innovation that will make our lives safer by securing our homes. AltroSmart is a keyless smart lock that operates via internet to lock and unlock any premise. The lock is equipped with video and audio communication to give you control of your premise from your smartphone.

Simpra is continuously scouting for innovation in the field of Communication and Security and interested in partnering with companies in this space.