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The Future Is HIVE

With a vision to lead the industry, Simpra partnered with Spectrami for HIVE. As an aim to make an impact on the industry, Simpra partnered with Spectrami for HIVE.

HIVE facilitates customers, vendors and partners to communicate effectively and improve the quality and speed of the business.

HIVE is a unified platform to deploy, manage, migrate and monitor Spectrami Security Solutions on the fly over a single pane of glass. This platform is designed for customers, vendors and partners to build and remain connected through our app catalog so they can deploy the required solutions as per their respective needs without dependency on Infrastructure readiness.


Our Benefits:

  1. Security on the go – Deploy security solutions within a few clicks
  2. Flexible Deployment Options – Applications can be deployed in cloud or hybrid models
  3. High Availability – Applications deployed will rule out utilities and hardware failure issues
  4. Reduce Infrastructure Cost – Pay only for the actual resources consumed
  5. Infinite Life – No Forklift upgrades required for compute, network, storage

Benefits For End Users

  1. All the Data, applications are hosted in GCC to comply with regional data regulations
  2. Better Performance on Cloud as the data is hosted locally


Benefits For Vendors

  1. Cloud based Services can be Hosted Locally in the Region
  2. Provide Local Instances for DEMO and POC’s to Resellers and Customers


Benefits For Partners

  1. Simpra Application Catalog Access
  2. Can rebrand Simpra HIVE with their Logos (a SaaS like model) for Apps and Customers management.

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